Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Almost home!

I knew I would be doing a mass amount of work, but I never figured it would be this much!  I have decided to upload quite a bit of what I've been working on from figure, graphic novel, illustration, computer illustration, and for good measure, a bit of personal work.  Can you believe I actually have time for personal work?!?!!? We have about three more full weeks here which is just enough time to really pump out some quality work for my final projects.

Now I must get back to the grindstone!

take care,


  1. You keep a consistent look even when using a variety of mediums. I am especially taken with the ink sequences and skull painting. These shine through.

  2. yo brotha, stuff lookin good, diggin the portraits and the graphic novel stuff. keep it up brother, cant wait til you get back to texas!

  3. I'm enjoying these a lot, Scott. especially that first comic where it looks like you inked with a sharpie.

    why that hasn't caught on is beyond me...

  4. Very nice stuff going on here man! keep them coming!

  5. killing it man. Keep it up. full speed ahead.