Friday, October 8, 2010

Illest Fundraiser & Illest of Ill #5 & new doooooodles

SO many things have happened and are happening!

First off, I gotta say that Illest of Ill #5 is NEXT FRIDAY, October 15th!!!!!  We are having the talented Josh Cochran fly in next Wednesday, which also happens to be the submission date for all you students out there.  The Illest crew has been working extremely hard to get this year's show to be the best ever.  One of the new things we introduced this year is the Illest Poster Show Fundraiser, planned and hosted by Sarah McCauley and myself, which turned out to be a wonderful hit and hopefully something to pass on for the years to come. I will be detailing more on Illest news throughout the next year as well so everyone can be well-informed of what Illest is about.

Ive been incredibly busy these past couple of weeks and only have one more week to get through until I get to focus on my projects which also means more updates of work!  And only time will tell, but until then....

take care,

Photos courtesy of Taylor Prather (no relation, but isn't it awesome!?!?)

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  1. hey Scott,

    great to finally 'officialy' meet you! I like these sketches, almost like painting with the pencil. can't wait for Illest!