Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a regurgitation of drawings and sentences.

Well, I suppose it's about time I write down everything i have done so far this summer, just to see what I've done.  Then I want to list out my future goals for the rest of the summer, you'll see I have a short amount of time to do everything.   ;)

From my count, since the beginning of summer, I have done 18 individual oil paintings ranging from 4x5 in to 2x3 ft.  2 of the larger paintings were done by commission and was quite a blessing for me.  Most were small to medium studies not really worth showing.  I have finished my moleskine from last semester and I'm officially halfway through my one for the summer.  I feel in the short two months since school has gotten out I have grown strong in my painting and drawing skills. Not only in technical skills, but conceptually, I also have been branching out.  I'm thinking how I want my line work and drawings to look like and how that could be integrated into different painting techniques.  This has grown out of drawing from life and by painting a lot ;) 

Even though I am starting to feel more content with where I am at artistically, I still have this unending drive to become better.  And I think this may be partly fueled by this raging jealousy to see others who I find artistically better than me in one form or another.  Of course, this is not a topic of conversation for me, but just a realization I want to become the best.  This sounds arrogant but it is important for any artist to have this mentality while they are struggling among the swarms of other struggling artist.  Because of the built up 'rage' inside me, it has driven me to work towards a goal.  The goal being my work from the summer revolving around my apartment to be exhibited at the Crossley Gallery at school in either a group or solo show when school starts up.  Each work has a significant tie-in with my events of the summer so far. I have finished 4 of my proposed 7 paintings.

This leads me to what I now have to accomplish to attain my goal.  I need to finish the 5th and start and finish the 6th and 7th painting in my series.  Also, I have another commission, a portrait of two kids, along with a painting for an entry in a scholarship competition, the 3 Illest designs, finish my sketchbook, any other spur of the moment or divine inspiration art, write essays on my paintings for the hopeful show, keep working at my job, hang out with my friends, inspect my eyelids, drop the kids off at the pool, and turn 21.  Quite a to-do list.  I can only hope it is possible in the allotted time.

I'll finish by saying this:  If you have NOT done some sort of creative work this summer, keep in mind that on the day I went to the hospital for my kidney stone, not only did I work by myself at work, drove myself to the hospital, in ER for 6 hours pumped full of meds, I still got around to drawing 3 pages in my sketchbook afterward.

Basically, I don't want to hear your excuses.

But I hope everyone from Ringling is having a wonderful summer and any other of those people I know who check up on this.  For me, my summer has had its ups and downs but all-in-all, a great time.


These are the past week's sketches, followed by 3 drawings for Illest of Ill that I'll be taking to finish sometime this summer along with everything else.  I'd like to see maybe one of these as a shirt, one a sticker, and another a poster, but we will see how they turn out.  As you can see, two were inspire by my life drawing sketches, which I think support the fact you must draw all the time and from life, it can only help generate ideas.  Then my two recent WIP in my summer series, both are diptychs.

Thanks for perusing my blog, tell your friends!



  1. I love the forth to last one with the baby.

  2. More people like you should exist. Great Passion, Great Drive.

  3. did you do all of this while walking barefoot backwards down a hill covered in shards of glass too? ;-)

    this is really cool stuff, Scott. those line drawings are fun to look at, there is a lot going for them. I can't wait to see more, man!

  4. I love the very last painting, Mac. Very, very good! Would love to post this on my FB, however, being your mother and all, not sure if I want to advertise the 'anorexic' half-naked girl. I will think about it.

    Love you, son

  5. I admire your guts! Keep it up!