Monday, May 24, 2010

Some thoughts

As I write this at 4 in the morning,  forgive me, for it is limbo. Is it late or early?

For all the Ringling kids, anyone else been keeping up the output of creativity, right?  I assume everyone's got some summer projects, lets keep motivated to produce some personal work this summer.  I know everyone has a life to attend to, but think about it this way.  Would a medical student completely stop the learning process when there was an option to do so?  Keep in mind we pay close to the same tuition prices.

I think not, classmates.

So, if you got blogs, websites, pictures, what have you, post 'em.  Ringling needs to have a class to excel across the board in all forms of art making.  And lately I've been thinking it helps when there is a communication with peers.  I transferred into this class and have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of great people here.  It has been too much fun at times and I've seen a lot of us grow as artist, and we have still have time to grow and develop here at school.

Some things to think about over summer are Illest of Ill, we gotta fill up the hall with some baddass stuff.  Think of it has if you have no other option, an assignment of an overall peer pressure from our fellow students.  I'm not sure if they have released the topic yet, but post it if you know

But the great thing about today's generation is our use of social networking sites in which we can share progress if you so choose to.  I'm trying to guilt trip ya here ;)  Some of you know the workload you laid out in your schedule, keep a pace to prepare for the ever approaching August day.  I beg of all to just practice some technical skills, look into a couple of interests, think how you can visually communicate conceptually.

I just want to see a community develop with our classmates, because to be honest, you learn a quite from those around.  Let's keep the ball rolling for everyone.

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